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Stand Up & Stand Out is a show for bold young professionals entering the workforce and those making a career transition. WORK is not a bad 4-letter word. Each week, we aim to better your future by answering your career dilemmas, after-college fears, workplace concerns, and staying unique in what you do each day. Following nearly two decades of working in Fortune 500 companies, Nikki Green left her lucrative tech job to help the next generation of leaders to leverage their uniqueness as a strength. Nikki is the host of the I Graduated, Now What? Conference. If this is a question that resonates with you, this is the show for you!

If you are an educator, accomplished entrepreneur, parental guidance professional, Youth Advocate, Career Transition Coach, Human Resource Specialist, Startup Consultant, Investment Broker for Startups, I would LOVE to interview you on my podcast to talk about the power of providing support and resiliency for those wishing to experience a new reality…
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