Why Nikki Speaks...

If you are a young  professional eager to find success and ready to act, then I’m excited to be your guide! I want to empower young people to be brave, be bold, and be themselves EVERY DAY. I want the next generation of leaders to be comfortable being individuals and help others around them to do the same. 

Nikki has been a dynamic public speaker since the age of 12. Surrounded by a family of performers, both on the athletic field and on the stage, there is no place Nikki feels more comfortable than entertaining and sharing her message.

Nikki Green has been transforming Fortune 500 teams for nearly 2 decades. Bringing her unique and genuine approach to management, she has defied the odds to achieve success for herself and her employees. Pushing her team to “remain humble” and learn through each new encounter. Nikki has built numerous successful team cultures of fun and comradery, triumphing over working for the sake of work.
Confidence is key and being your true self allows this freedom. Uniqueness means being brave and having the courage NOT to conform! Nikki teaches you how to show kindness to yourself and appreciate your individuality, while encouraging others on their own unique journey.

“I speak as the ultimate chameleon. Teaching others when to listen & learn, versus when to stand out & speak up. These are critical success factors in today’s rapidly changing economy that can be applied to your unique background!

Unique starts with YOU!  I can’t wait to help you on your journey, so you can find strength in your uniqueness.”

Nikki Green

Nikki's Talks

Unique Starts with YOU!

So many people fall victim to the past that brought them to today. The experiences of who raised you, how and where you grew up are holding you back from the possible.

Stop playing the victim and conforming for the comfort of others. Blending into the middle only creates a blur. Nikki’s motivational talk will help you rethink how you view life’s challenges. Her call-to-action will help students entering this ever-changing work environment, hit the ground running with a UNIQUE tool for success!

“Unique starts with YOU

Unstoppable and Uncompromising

Begin your relentless pursuit of happiness – bringing your true self to work every day and inspire others to do the same.

Students will learn how to remove fear from the decision-making process with Nikki’s ‘Learn > Grow > Know’ model. She will teach you the steps to ‘Be Humble & Then Be Fierce’ and have strength to solve life’s biggest problems, quickly and effectively.

“Be so completely yourself that everyone else feels safe to be themselves too.” -Unknown

Question everything, find the QUIDDITY!

Quiddity is the ‘whatness’ of a thing, the essential nature of something that makes it different from other similar things.

In this talk, Nikki will teach you to break the constructs of higher education and inspire you to treat education as a lifelong process, not simply a 4-year sprint to finish school. Students will learn techniques to see the true nature of a problem, and how to bring their individual point of view to help solve today’s challenges.

Through on-going, unique learning experiences, you will create a fulfilling & sustainable future for yourself and for others around you.


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