FOR 2024?

GSD (Get Sh*T Done) Business Retreats

Don’t wait another day to get your business started!  

Join Nikki and a network of her top coaches for 3-days of fun, fitness, and financial success!

  • Have you avoided setting up your LLC because it was confusing or seemed complicated
  • Have you been collecting receipts for your business in a shoe box and never invested in an accounting software?
  • Are you unsure how to get a custom domain for your website, so just resorted to making dance videos on TikTok instead?

Then the GSD Retreat is for you!

Surrounded by a supportive team of experts, we will work side-by-side to help you build the business of your dreams.  We will teach you good self-care habits for entrepreneurs to balance the day-to-day administrative “should-dos,” with the revenue driving “must-dos.”

We will incorporate fun and fitness into the weekend, so you maintain energy and a positive mindset to tackle the roller coaster of owning your business.  And you will leave with a solid foundation with which to build your dreams, and an encouraging community of other entrepreneurs to keep you going through 2024 and beyond.

Retreat Details

Paid in Full

$3,000 (due 30 days prior to the event – January 15)

$1,500 each = total $3k

Payment Plan – 50/50

2 installments of $1,500 due December 15th,2023 & January 15th, 2024

Price includes:

  • 3-nights Accommodations
  • Meals (3 breakfast & lunch, 2 dinners)
  • 1 – Evening event
  • Pitch-Free Coaching

Price does NOT include:

  • Airfare
  • Ground Transporation

Miami - February 2024

South Florida will be our destination for February 2024 dates are Feb 16 to 18, with VIP day on Feb 19. First payment due by Dec 31st, 2023 and second due by Feb 1st, 2024.

Join us in sunny Florida while the northern temps are cold.  Let’s heat up your business and kick-off the new year in style!

The focus for Miami will be to make sure your business foundation is solid!  I’ve met people who have been “in business” for close to 5 years and still haven’t put these critical pieces into place.

Don’t let that be you!  Stop running your business like a hobby and graduate to the big leagues with Nikki’s support.

Expert coaches will join us to walk you step-by-step through:

  • the importance of setting up your LLC,
  • how to use accounting software, 
  • design your introductory products or services 
  • pricing strategy you should take to market,
  • customizing your website & social media, and establishing your brand.

Goin' Back to Cali – May 2024

Paso Robles, CA – Will be our destination, May dates are May 21 to 23 with VIP day on 24th.

While it’s winter/spring in Chicago (our seasons tend to blend together), I’m planning a trip back home to California wine country.  Join me and some highly successful West Coast entrepreneurs to enjoy time in warm Central California sun, sipping wine, and learning how to take your business to the next level.

Do you have a Life Partner, Parent, or Friend that just doesn’t understand the challenges of entrepreneurship?  In this special addition of the GSD Retreats, we welcome you to bring your favorite cheerleader along for the journey!  Building our community with the support of those around us is critical for our success. One of the expert coaches for this retreat will be a relationship & communications specialist who will help us learn techniques to better communicate with those most important to us.  And the delicious California wine doesn’t hurt either!


$500 will reserve your spot – Fully refundable, up to 30 days before the event

Chi-Town – Summer 2024

$500 will reserve your spot – Fully refundable, up to 30 days before the event

We will be heading to Chicago:  dates – Aug 22 – 25, VIP on 26th.

The best weather, the most delicious food, and lots of fun tourist things to enjoy as extras!  Let me show you why Chicago is now my new home, and all the wonderful benefits to grow your community here in the MidWest.

Come to the Windy City for a memorable MidWest experience. We will spend the days working on your business and solving your great challenges. While at night we will enjoy all Chicago has to offer:

Great Food, Historic Sports Teams, Inspiring culture of live music, theatre, museums, and more!  Each experience is customized to the group attending.

Expert coaches will provide hands on workshops on how to scale your business, without breaking the bank on complex software or underutilized staff.  This isn’t a one-size-fits-all training!  Together we will review your business and provide customized structures that meet your needs and cost:revenue ratio.

Reno, Nevada - November 2024

November is NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and during this retreat we will help you write your first book! Whether you decide to contribute one chapter to an Anthology or bring a compilation of your genius to life in a novel, we will leverage the time together to inspire each other and tell our stories. Books are a great way to improve your brand and showcase you as an authority in your area of expertise.

We will be heading to my hometown of Reno, Nevada and taking in the beauty of Lake Tahoe. 

This session will be a remote writing retreat, focused on finishing that novel and stepping into your author journey. 

Showcasing your expert knowledge is critical to building your brand.  And there is no better way to accomplish this than a best selling book!

$500 will reserve your spot – Fully refundable, up to 30 days before the event

Texas - Winter 2025

$500 will reserve your spot – Fully refundable, up to 30 days before the event

We will be heading south to make our businesses as big as we can dream them to be!  There will be opportunities to network with local business owners and see why people love to live here. We will recap your progress on your 2024 goals, and help you finish strong for the year.  Then we will set the stage for the amazing things you want to aim for in 2025.

This session will be focused on podcasting and streaming TV, with LIVE interviews scheduled for attendees to build their media portfolio and showcase their speaking skills. This retreat is all about media exposure and improving your brand.

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