Episode #12: Career Tips To Manage Job Stress, Interview Stress and Social Stress


Welcome to Episode #12 of Stand Up & Stand Out, in this week’s episode Nikki brought two amazing guests from her summer conference: I graduated…now what?. Aditi Ramchandani and Bert Lee are going to tell us about the different types of stress that you might be feeling, the idea that you’re not enough, and how your life has been shaped by society and family. Nikki’s insights remind us of the importance of being honest with ourself and take the decisions that makes us happy and no anybody else. It is normal if the road gets hard sometimes and we need to understand that our goals require hard work, and more important, they need constant work. Be patient and enjoy the ride.
– [3:09] Aditi Ramchandani – 3 bubbles of stress

– [6:27] Bert Lee – I am not enough

– [8:50] Bert Lee – Bad thoughts vs values

Aditi Ramchandani: https://www.aditicreative.com/

Bert Lee: https://www.bertleespeaks.com/

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