Episode #15: F*ck The Algorithms II: Inside Silicon Valley, Capitol Hill scandal and more

Welcome to Episode #15 of Stand Up & Stand Out, in this week’s episode we are going to take a journey to Nikki’s years in Silicon Valley. After the scandal in Capitol Hill, having the opinion of someone who really understands the modus operandi of this big companies that want to sell a perfect image and consider itself to be a dream place to work and the top of hill, is something that you can’t find easily. Being the voice of empowered woman and entrepreneurs, Nikki explain to us how big companies “manage” information and surveys in order to look good on the outside and keep gaining more followers. Also, after hours of research, Nikki has some great advise to gain more organic traffic to your project, stay ’till the end and let us know what you think! Enjoy our F*ck the Algorithms serie!

Tim Denning: “Millennials are tired of traditional social media platforms run by billionaire Zuckerbergs”


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