Episode #23: Finding Passion in Your Career: Interview with Solar Expert, Cory Vanderpool.

A person will wear several hats throughout their professional work career. When will you know which hat fits best? Cory Vanderpool, a Solar Expert, shares his story from mowing lawns to creating his own solar company. Listen to hear how college isn’t always the one stop shop for your success in a career.

– Do employers value more experience or degrees?

– Do dropouts end up hiring ex classmates?

– Are you studying to get a job or to create jobs?

– How does your mentality change as soon as you become an employer?


0:00 Intro

2:15 – Journey through multiple professions.

4:00 Realizing you are the villain in your origin story helps you find a way to serve customers better, leading you back to being the hero.

5:30 Finding a void in your current market.

8:25 Employees with or without college degrees.

15:00 Putting yourself out there to find employment.

20:25 How faith has shaped Cory.

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