Episode #41: Creative Adaptability: Emotional Interview with Terre Short & Tara McFarland

Episode #41: Creative Adaptability: Emotional Interview with Terre Short & Tara McFarland

Episode Summary

Join Nikki with her guests, Tara McFarland and Terre Short, as we discuss the Creative Adaptability and the foundations of a Chameleon Mindset. Learn with us as we expand our knowledge on emotional flexibility and emotional adaptation.

Episode Highlights

0:20 – Tara and Terre’s Intro

4:00 – Tara shares her journey with emotions

8:00 – Terre explains her personal podcast

12:20 – Tara on her connection with zebra mindset

15:20 – Terre on how to practice the pause

22:15 – Nikki on personality tests

Tweetable Quotes

“The personal podcast is that internal narrative. So it’s that voice playing in my head 24/7, and it ends up this is what I endeavor to help people do is to understand that they’re the director, the narrator, the producer, the host.”-Terre Short

“I’ve come to understand over the last couple years that everything that you’ve done up until this point, they’re all your strengths.”-Tara McFarland

Resources and Links Mentioned

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Terre’s Website


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