Episode #44: Emotional Intelligence – Unconscious Bias: Interview with Victoria Pelletier

Episode #44: Emotional Intelligence – Unconscious Bias: Interview with Victoria Pelletier

Episode Summary

Join Nikki with her guest, Victoria Pelletier, as we discuss Emotional Intelligence and the foundations of a Chameleon Mindset. Learn with us as we expand our knowledge on Unconscious Bias and the future of work.

Episode Highlights

1:30 – Victoria shares her early work experience

7:17 – Victoria on personal branding

12:30 – Victoria on the future of work

Tweetable Quotes

“I’d encourage your listening audience to recognize and build your brand from as early as possible, and it’s going to evolve and change over time. But get comfortable with recognizing that it should include your whole person and the things you stand for and who you are as an individual, not just your job title or company”- Victoria Pelletier

Resources and Links Mentioned

Victoria’s Website


Episode 43


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