Episode #1: Bad Bosses: Identifying and Dealing With A Toxic Boss at Work with Dr. Matt James

In our inaugural episode, I co-host with the amazingly talented, Dr. Matt James, a specialist in Organizational Effectiveness. We are talking today about how to identify different types of bad bosses and how best to deal with them. The accompanying show notes contain the research mentioned by Dr. James, along with some useful worksheets on getting through situations with each bad boss type.

In 2020, I walked away from a lucrative tech job to start this amazing new journey: a new business, a new book, a new podcast, coaching, and motivational speaking. I started Green Chameleon Collective with a singular mission: to shape how the next generation of business leaders can remain unique and true to themselves and turn that uniqueness into an advantage.

With all that we’ve gone through during the pandemic, the last thing we need is to be miserable at work as well. I want to inspire people to follow their passions, in and out of the office, to find harmony and happiness. Dealing with that bad boss is step #1. Welcome to Stand Up & Stand Out!

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