Episode #2: F*ck The Algorithms I: Personal Insights From My Own Accounts & Practical Tips To Enjoy Social Media

Today’s episode is called “F*ck the Algorithms” and we are going to talk openly about the issues plaguing today’s digital marketing & social media trends. This solo journey will be shared in 2 parts. One part will be the audio podcast version to discuss today’s thought-provoking topic. And then part 2 will be released on my YouTube Channel to walk you through a screen share demonstration.

· How many of us are overwhelmed after a year of staring at our screens confined to the four walls of our homes?

· How many of us can’t take another Zoom call, much less reading through another Sales pitch email or DM?

· Want to take your life back from the almighty algorithms and have fun running your business or side hustle?

Then this episode is for you!

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